Sunday, 11 November 2012


Yesterday was the first anniversary of my father in law's death. At times, this has been hard for our little family, especially for my daughter who was very close to her Grandad.

Grandad was a huge steam train fan, so in order to remember him and celebrate him, we all went for our first ride on a steam train. Including Granny who is 77!

We went to the Severn Valley Railway and we had an awesome day. The sun shone, the inside of the train was beautifully refurbished and the scenery was just stunning. I felt as though I was an extra in a Miss Marple murder mystery. The guards were lovely and my daughter was allowed to go into the ticket office, look at the old machines, lights and try on a guard's cap.

The most bizarre moment was when we drove through a local safari park and could spot elephants and rhinos from the train!

My son adored going to the engine house, eating a picnic next to the engines,  inspecting them thoroughly and discovering a train table with a Cranky on it. Toddler heaven.

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  1. What a lovely thing to do to remember your father in law. Sounds like you had a fantastic time there. My boy would love to do something like that. He is obsessed with trains but hasnt actually been on one yet. We thought we would have a day out and go by train in a couple of weeks.
    By the way when I try to link back to your blog when you leave me a comment it always links back to the same post - the one about camper van cooking in April. Its ok if I look through google reader though! I don't know if it's just me that it happens to but I wouldnt want it to stop other people finding your lovely blog. Not sure why it does that, hope you don't mind me saying. x