Monday, 5 November 2012

Bonfire night art

It was my turn to help at playgroup today, which meant I had the pleasure of creating 30 fireworks pictures with the toddlers! I quite enjoyed myself actually.

Here is my son's effort: (art critics go easy, he's only 2!)

This afternoon, in some uncharacteristic fit of domestic goddess-like behaviour, I cleaned the windows, scrubbed the stained glass window and scrubbed the tiles in the shower with a toothbrush until it shone. Then I made homemade pizza with the kids.

(wow, that's my first photo collage! Chuffed :))

Unfortunately, both kids said "yak" after they tasted it and I ended up making them sausage and spaghetti hoops. Not such a domestic goddess after all... looks like I'm having leftover pizza for lunch tomorrow.

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  1. I love doing those bonfire pictures. And your pizza looks yummy - kids and food eh? x