Monday, 30 April 2012

Phew, that's better.

I am so pleased to have the sunshine back! The washing is on the line, the toddler had plenty of time to run to run around the garden with my neighbour's grandson, I have planted my clematis and it feels good.

Despite the rain, we had a very productive weekend which involved a massive declutter and filling a skip within 24 hours. It feels like a relief to be letting go of all the junk and crap we had held onto, "just in case". By yesterday, the kids were going a bit stir-crazy and spent most of yesterday making death slides out of cushions, while I held my breath and tried to let them get on with it without panicking too much.

Oh and on Friday, I won my first blog competition! Donna Wilson had a giveaway to win this lovely teatowel, called "Use my Tail". Isnt he cute? I named him Sebastian Seymour Squirrel.

Teal and orange are among my favourite colours ever and I think he will get on famously with my Donna Wilson foxy cushion.


  1. Thought I saw your name pop up over on Donna's blog - very well done! Loving your sofa and your fox cushion - I'm very jealous! x

    1. Thanks Jen. I love my foxy cushion too and I think I am converting my daughter too, as she has been reading the brochure I received with the teatowel and is deciding what we should get next.

      My sofa was an ebay bargain from a lady in Brighton, but it originally came from HousePlan Interiors. sadly they went into administration, shame as they did some gorgeous stuff.

  2. Well done, it's a super cute tea towel and I love your cushion too. x