Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drool of the day!

This week has been a bit heavy going as my little girl went for an operation on Tuesday. It was the first time she had been in hospital, and my first time as a parent seeing my child being put to sleep. Anyway, she was incredibly brave and has sat very quietly on the sofa for the past 4 days. She had some lovely visitors from her friends and they were all kept extremely entertained by this Melissa and Doug Deluxe magic set:

It is a really well made, chunky wooden set, in a rather funky wooden box which is decorated with magic rabbits. My daughter learned about 5 of the tricks on the first day (she has just turned 7), which included making a silk scarf disappear, making the middle of a pencil vanish, a pot that turned one 10p into four, a disappearing ball and an invisible wooden box. I have watched about 6 magic shows since Wednesday, but all of her friends have loved it!

I'm not sure when she will be returning to school, but I've got that Sunday night feeling, so have been trawling the net for bright, colourful things that make me smile.

First I found this and thought how lovely it would be for picnics in the sun:

Rice plastic tiffin boxes, on sale at

and whilst looking at all the lovely rice melamine tableware, I came across this website. is the online store for a beautiful little shop in Totnes, called Gazebo. I happened to have a lovely day on my own in Totnes a few years ago, and stumbled across this little corner of heaven. It is filled with bright, colourful, fun and quirky items, including Cath Kidston, before she became quite so popular, Greengate ceramics, toys, bags, kitchenalia, all mixed up in a jumble of gorgeousness.

I was very restrained and bought some bunting, which still decorates my summerhouse.

These were the items that made me smile today.

These little pugs are salt and pepper shakers- how cute are they!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and if you've enjoyed the few posts I've made so far, please follow me!


  1. Lovely stuff! I'm off to look at that website now. Hope that T is feeling better soon.

    I have a blog request - please will you blog about family friendly festivals?