Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back, looking forward

2012 has flown by in a bit of a whirlwind for me.

This year, my husband turned 40. We've been together for 20 years now. We had a wonderful celebration with family and friends and climbed to the top of a windy hill with our son and daughter. We ate an amazing star wars chocolate cake and taught our daughter and her friends how to DJ.

We danced in the fields outside a castle at Camp Bestival, stayed in an Airstream caravan and explored a magical wood full of fairy lights and toys at the End of the Road. We have made some great friends and our children have made great friends too. There has been lots of running around with glow sticks whilst we sat around in deck chairs drinking wine. We rode in a horse drawn carriage at Chatsworth House while a brass band played Christmas carols. I danced like a loon with my husband at an Orbital concert and had achy hips for a week afterwards lol.

We discovered Studio Ghibli films as a family and have had many happy hours watching them, cuddled up on the sofa.

I've never felt so tired in my life. I've been doing two jobs, studying, been a carer to my mother in law and a mother to my children. I've not really had the time or energy to be a good wife and I havent had any time to care for myself. So I know that needs to be my focus for next year. Think about how I can cut down my levels of work and stress and spend quiet, quality time with my family. My sons turns three next year, so I'm hoping that I might (fingers crossed) get a bit more sleep at night, which will help too.

We have some exciting plans for next year, going to a couple of new music festivals with the kids, going to see the Stone Roses in London with my husband, going to the Lake District in February. But I'm also hoping for a little bit more peace, quiet and ...time. How I'm going to make that happen I'm not sure yet, but I will try.

Wishing you a very happy night tonight and a peaceful new year xxx


  1. Sounds like a lovely year ahead. Wishing you a little less stress and calmer days for 2013. x

  2. Just found your lovely blog via Jen ... sounds like you have a great 2013 planned ... glad to be your newest follower ... Bee x

    1. Thank you Bee, lovely to have you around!