Sunday, 23 December 2012

Giant Christmas baubles

I have a lovely friend who is an artist and has helped us to set up a "ladies craft night". It sounds very prim and proper but is really an excuse to make something pretty, drink cocktails and then sing karaoke. I've met some great new friends through this, it's very therapeutic and it's fun to have a go at making things again. I do a bit of drawing with the kids at home and at work, but it takes a bit of courage to have a go at making something in front of adults!

Anyway this time it was my turn to host and we made giant Christmas baubles, out of vintage maps, old comic books (I found a great pile of old Beanos at the charity shop!), a 1970s star trek annual and wallpaper samples.

Here is a collection that was made by myself and my friends. Each one is about as big as large melon, so fairly big.

I had intended to hang them up from the ceiling, but I actually quite like them piled up, so they have stayed there.

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  1. Oh I really like them. The comic book ones would be fab in my son's room. And they do look nice piled up beside the globe. Happy Christmas! x