Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sunday cinema club: the Christmas Edition

So what are your favourite Christmas films?

For me, I have three. The first one has to be the Muppet Christmas Carol. Christmas doesn't really begin until I have watched this film, with my husband, with my children, with my friends. It's just one of those traditions that has to happen. I think that Michael Caine is just fantastic as Scrooge  and Kermit is a perfect choice for Bob Cratchitt.

This is my favourite song from the film and makes me cry each time I hear it. I just know that Christmas is around the corner.

My second film which I only watched last year with my friend and our daughters, was Elf. Just so funny and sweet.

And finally, Nativity. To be honest I thought that this film was going to be dreadfully cheesy and to be honest, it is. But in a good way. You would have to have a heart of ice not to chuckle at this film. I have heard that the new one isn't as good, so I'm planning to introduce the rest of my family to it this year.

And I've just remembered another one. The new Muppets Movie. Have you seen it? It's not a Christmas film, but it is so, so funny. The musical score is written by Brett from the Flight of the Conchords and the whole thing is like a long episode of this, but obviously suitable for kids. My daughter has been singing this song at the top of her voice and do you know what, the lyrics are just perfect. I've got everything that I need, right in front of me....


  1. Muppets Christmas Carol is the best! I love Elf too. But I haven't seen Nativity, it's on over the holidays so I'll catch it then. Must check out that other Muppets movie. How the heck are you lady? x

    1. I'm good thanks. I finally feel like I have time to breathe a bit. I love my job and my studies but it has been mega busy recently. It will be worth it in the end though. I've been following your blog but had no time to comment, sorry. But I've really enjoyed it x