Monday, 31 December 2012

52 weeks of happy

Hello, hope you all a lovely Christmas! Ours has been a mixed one, lots of fun on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but my other half has had the man-flu and it's been raining a lot. So we have spent a lot of time indoors, going a bit bananas!

I'm not quite sure which week I'm supposed to be on, I know I am a bit behind though...

Here are my four happy things this week, joining in with Little Birdie's project.

1. Big red bus

I picked up this wooden bus in a charity shop for £5 and it's been a massive hit with my son. He has been going on lots of little adventures with it and it is so sweet to hear him chatting to all the little men inside.

2. Little blue person

I saw this Fisher Price figure in the shop last week and it was like being transported in a time machine to when I was my daughter's age and used to play with my Fisher Price school house. I dont have it any more, so I had to pose her in my daughter's Sylvanian house instead.

3. New tea mug

I saw this mug in TK Maxx and bought it for myself as a wee gift. The message on the mug is a good one for me, it's something I struggle with sometimes.

If you look behind my mug, you will see my Snowman plate. Did you see the Snowman and the Snowdog? I thought it was great. And the documentary about "How the Snowman came to life" had me in tears.

4. Yellow scarf

This lovely yellow scarf is from Seasalt and is super snuggly. I'm hoping to have lots of outdoor adventures in my yellow scarf in 2013.

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  1. Lovely scarf! I bought a Breton top from them and it's really great. Liking that big red bus a lot, oh how I miss wooden toys! And I know what you mean about going bananas with being stuck in. I seriously can't take much more Lego building. Have a wonderful New Year Mama Sunshine! x