Monday, 13 August 2012

Yellow submarine

My daughter is away on her first ever Brownie camp and I am really missing her :(. The house seems so quiet! I hope that she is ok, she had declared that the best thing about being in the Brownies was being allowed to go away without her parents and that she wouldn't miss us at all. However on Friday night, we had a few tears so she isn't quite as fearless as she thinks...

Anyway, last week I decided to teach her how to play "Yellow Submarine" on the guitar so we could play together and be in a band. My toddler was on drums (an old set of bongos from our Uni days), she was the lead singer and guitar in the chorus and I was the guitarist. We had such fun that she said, "wouldnt it be great if we could build our own yellow submarine?" So we did. We found some of the Yellow Submarine artwork and used it as inspiration.

Hope her guitar teacher doesnt mind her adding her own songs into her book!

 It took the rest of the morning to paint the giant cardboard boxes, make some portholes out of paper plates and plastic film and spray the periscopes gold (deoderant cans and recycled plastic cartons). It was big enough to fit two kids inside and came up to my chest by the time it was finished!

We then proudly placed the submarine onto my beloved crochet granny blanket and set sail on the sea of green for the rest of the day...

The basketball became a giant octopus for the Octopus' garden...

Sargeant Pepper was the captain!

I have had such a lovely Summer holiday so far, but this was one of the best days and it cost absolutely nothing.

I'm back to work tomorrow, boo hoo, but I am thinking about having a few girls over for a birthday tea on Friday, which I'm looking forward to very much.


  1. Love the Yellow Submarine crafting. It's funny how the best days cost nothing. The kids seem to enjoy them more than when you've thrown a ton of money on them! Is it your birthday this week then? If it is, have a fantastic one! x

  2. Yes it is, thankyou Jen! Hope you have an awesome time at Greenman :)