Saturday, 25 August 2012

People Tree Autumn/Winter collection

I've got to be honest, I've never bought fairtrade clothes before, even though I dont buy from shops like Primark anymore. Funny really because I always buy free range meat, fairtrade coffee, tea and bananas!

Anyway, this brochure popped through my letterbox yesterday and I just love it. I would happily wear any of these dresses and am thinking about finally spending some of my birthday money.

Check out these beauties: Sorry the resolution is poor, the images were tiny and when I tried to resize them, they went all blurry. Technology isnt my strong point.

Lydia Squirrel print dress, £80
A nice bit of Orla:

Orla kiely owl dress, £95

Jill Red striped tunic, £48

I've just noticed that there is a sale on, I may stock for up next year's Summer! Actually there's loads of dresses which are in the catalogue but not on the website yet, so I will post again when they appear.


  1. I like People Tree. And I always think their clothes are nicer in the flesh than in the catalogue. There is a shop in Hebden Bridge I go to sometimes that sells them, and I am quite often tempted in the store rather than online! The Orla range is v nice. x

  2. I havent ordered anything yet, am going to see if I manage to grab any Orla bargains in the Uniqlo sale at 9am tomorrow. I hope I'm not late for work lol.