Thursday, 23 August 2012

Detox- days 3 and 4

Well I am still sticking to the Jason Vale 14 days to turbo charge your life plan. By the skin of my teeth! Yesterday, someone brought in a large tin of Roses into work (which were scoffed in less than 24 hours, naughty bunch) and then today brought in a load of birthday cakes. I had to use every bit of my strength to step away from them.

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On day 3, I didnt really feel too hungover any more, although I must have been tired as I fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm. I did have a slight catastrophe though, as my vegetable "power soup" had developed muscles of  it's own and had started fermenting in the flask-yuuuk. So I had to eat an emergency avocado and keep focussed until my dinner, which was very nice. Honey roasted root veggies and salmon.

I had really horrible, vivid dreams for the last couple of nights too. Luckily, this had also happened to my friend who had followed a similar plan a few weeks ago.

My work colleagues are laughing at my "slime diet", as they see me walking around work with a glass of bright green smoothie. However, I am starting to see the effects now. I have lost about 4lbs in 4 days and I definitely have more energy. Usually by the evening, I would be collapsing onto the sofa, but I feel fine and am contemplating doing some dancing on the wii in a minute. Late night party! I feel like my body is running on that extra posh petrol you get at the petrol station, instead of my usual unleaded diet. I had a reasonably good diet beforehand, but it was probably lacking in quite a few vitamins. I also ate lots of snacks and treats, especially at work if I was feeling bored. Finally, I was doing no exercise at all.

So I'm feeling pretty pleased with how I am getting on so far. Next weekend, I am going to another music festival with the kids, so I wont be able to stick to it. However, I will be seeking out the fruit juice stalls and doing my best to continue.

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