Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My mind has gone blank

It's 2 days until my birthday. My husband's asking me what I would like, my Mother in Law's asking me what I would like, my friend is asking me what I would like.

I have absolutely no idea. This happens to me every single year and it drives my husband bananas.

He can't really buy me any clothes, as I rarely buy clothes and they are usually vintage or from ebay.
He can't buy me music as I dont really collect cds any more. If I want to listen to music, I go on spotify, youtube or bbc iplayer.
He cant buy me an art print because a) he is colour blind, b) it would probably involve something from Star Wars and c) I am a bit fussy.
I dont really drink alcohol much these days.
He can.t buy me anything for the house as the things I like are from quirky places like Etsy, Donna Wilson, Marimekko, Pedlars etc. I dont think he would have heard of any of them, bless him.

Even the things I thought I wanted don't seem so appealing any more. I had wondered about buying a new satchel for work, but suddenly, my ancient work bag seems like a faithful old friend.

I found a lovely red Catherine Holm coffee pot on ebay, but decided not to bid on it 5 minutes before the auction closed.

Is it just me who has this terrible affliction? I think I will just wait and if something catches my eye, I will buy it later in the year.

In the meantime, on Friday I have invited my lovely friend and her 2 daughters to come for a teaparty. My mother in law has lent me her china teaset. It's over 100 years old so I am hoping that I dont drop anything. She has already told me not to worry, but all the same...gulp. I am thinking pink lemonade and roses. It's actually a trial run for my boss's retirement party in a couple of weeks time.

Then on Sunday, the same friend has offered to babysit, so me and the husband can go out for Sunday lunch at a lovely pub or cafe and then I have a reflexology and aromatherapy treatment booked at 3pm. It was a bit of a groupon bargain, only £11 for an hour! I am so looking forward to it.

Vintage, tea, cake, friends, children, lovely food and being nurtured....that's all I need and more :)

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  1. I'll say happy birthday very quickly as we are just about to depart! Have a great one. And your tea party and pampering sound pretty good to me. x