Sunday, 22 July 2012

Studio Gibhli: Kiki's delivery service

Hooray! It's the school holidays...

Yesterday we have been enjoying the first bit of sunshine we've had in a while. The campervan is out and ready for our holidays, we have unpacked it, repacked it and now we just need to add a few extra bits and pieces.

Then we finally had our first barbeque of the season. It took me almost an hour to walk to the local shops with my 2 year old, who decided to bring his new scooter with him, but he cant ride it any faster than 1/4 mile per hour. And then he lay down in the middle of the road, outside the bank and on the walk home.

Then when I finally arrived home, triumphant with my sausages and bread, it took my husband the best part of an hour to get the gas BBQ working and by the time the sausages were cooked, my son was too tired and grumpy to eat them and threw it on the grass. And breathe...

Anyway, this morning we have had a nice relaxing start to the day, with fresh bread and jam from the local deli, strawberries and Kiki's delivery service. I have heard of Studio Ghibli before and my husband is a big fan of Japanese animation, so he bought this for my daughter.

It was just magical. If you've never tried one of his films, I urge you to give it a go!

However, now the relaxing has to stop because there is a distinct waft of poo coming from my son's nappy. See you soon x


  1. My Boy adores Studio Ghibli. We are off to the National Media Museum next week to watch Howl's Moving Castle as they are doing a whole season of them over the summer. You must watch My Neighbour Totoro - it's the ultimate one - but be aware it's completely bonkers! x

  2. Thanks for the tip Jen! I was asking Joe which one we should watch next. Bonkers is fine with me :)