Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday musings

I've been a bit naughty and not been blogging for a couple of weeks, but hey. Sometimes life gets in the way!

I have busy sanding and restoring my ebay habitat table, which has been very satisfying. In a former life, it had lived in a hairdresser's salon, and was looking pretty grubby when it arrived. However, it's amazing what you can do with some sandpaper and a tin of wax. I just need to get the seats covered and an oilcloth and it will be perfect.

Here's the arms of the chairs, before and after sanding (sanded one on the left!).

The main reason why I wanted a bigger table than my ikea £25 out of the paper one was that when we have friends around, it feels like there was never enough space for all the kids to sit down! The radius table is great because it has benches, so you can squeeze 4 little ones on. My table has only got 1 bench so far, so I shall be scouring ebay for another when J doesnt need his highchair any more.

Anyway, yesterday I was supposed to be going to see the Stone Roses, but the logistics of finding someone who could babysit overnight and take my daughter to school with a 2 year old in tow were too tricky. So in order to christen the new table, I invited a couple of friends over and their 4 children, cooked a big Sunday roast and demolished rather a lot of wine with them, whilst the kids created havoc. I set up a cinema in the front room with a studio ghibli film on, with airbeds, cushions and my massive granny blanket. Out in the garden, the kids made "stone babies"- that's a stone with a face drawn on in felt tips and threw balloons filled with water. And unbeknown to me, my bedroom was turned into a makeshift soft play with cushions and an old mattress from my daughter's toddler bed. And the biscuit tin was mysteriously empty this morning. We had a lovely day and I was only a tiny bit hungover during the school run this morning. oops.

 I love when you buy a new piece of furniture and it just works. I dont know how I lived without it now.

 Table: Habitat radius via ebay. Sargeant Pepper pepperpot from Sainsbury's, boxes of duplo/ craft stuff/ sylvanian families ice cream, hamsters, model's own!

In case you were wondering, i have two hamster cages because my daughter's hamsters started fighting like crazy and had to be separated. If you buy hamsters from the pet shop and they advise you to buy two, ignore them!

Actually, when they are not fighting each other, they are quite cute. Here is Jack, who lives in the girly pink cage...


  1. Table is looking great! Well done for all your sanding. What kind of pattern of oilcloth are you going to use? x

  2. Thanks Jen. I've had a bit of a palaver finding an oilcloth I like. There are some lovely ones by Butik76 but they dont ship to the UK. I like the anorak ones too, kissing stags, seagulls etc but they are quite pricey. So I have gone for a pale blue one with white blobs on for now. Will post a piccy :)

  3. You want to look at Norfolk Textiles, I got some lovely oilcloths from there recently.