Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lucky, lucky me :)

I have had such a lovely weekend, although it's taken me a couple of days to recover from it.

On Saturday, I drove up to the Peak District to meet my lovely friend from University and meet her little daughter for the first time. Even though I havent seen her for 3 years, we were chatting away as if it had just been a couple of months ago. It's great when that happens, isnt it.

We went to a softplay called Chucklebutties in Belper, North Derbyshire. Honestly, this is the best softplay I have ever been to and its well worth driving for an hour an a half to get there. It has a huge glass window, overlooking the Derwent River Gardens. There is a huge weir or waterfall thing literally straight out of the window, so while the little ones are letting rip on the softplay, you can gaze out of the window, eat your homemade cake, sip on a cappucino and read the papers. Bliss. That's my kind of softplay, not the ones in a warehouse with no natural light that stink of wee wee!

Then we fed the ducks, walked along the river, did some train spotting with my little boy and ate ice creams.

I got home about 5pm, pretty weary. Then 5 minutes later I got a call from a friend, asking if I would like a free VIP ticket to see the Inspiral carpets and the Happy Mondays. Err..yes! So I quickly leapt into the back, threw on my party clothes and drove to the gig. (I barely drink these days, and didnt fancy a hangover the next day). As I drove down the motorway, the car started kangarooing and lost all power. Very scary! But luckily I made it to the gig on time and had a great time boogying away with a whole clubfull of late 30s/ 40 somethings. Quite a strange experience. But Ive got to say, the Happy Mondays were great and I'm looking forward to dancing with my husband and kids at camp bestival when they headline on the Sunday.

On Sunday, I went to my friend's cake bake in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. Wow, that kid is absolutely amazing in the kitchen. I dont think I've ever tasted such gorgeous cakes! I will share a couple of her recipes with you later in the week.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I received an email from the rather gorgeous Nic, at the Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog, to say that I had won a lovely box of bath oils to help me sleep! Ive only entered 2 blog giveaways and so far I've won both. Beginners luck...

Then yesterday, whilst doing the school run, my car totally broke down and a lovely RAC man fixed it for me. It turns out I was extremely lucky that I didnt break down a) alone with the kids in the Peak District or b) alone on Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham on Saturday Night. As it worked out, I dropped my daughter off at school and popped to Costa while waiting for the RAC man to come. How lucky am I!


  1. Think you should pop a lottery ticket on this week! Oh and don't forget to send me a cheque when you win! I'd love to see the Happy Mondays, Pills n Thrills reminds me of such great times (many years ago). x

  2. Yeah, maybe I should. Havent played the lottery in years, but if I win I will treat you to a yellow Eames chair :)

  3. Blimey, Ive just had a text to say I've won £25 in a lottery for my daughter's swimming club! And I also remembered that I won the prize draw on Sunday at my friend's cake bake. This is getting a bit freaky!