Monday, 7 May 2012

Cant get no sleep

Last night, I went out with my husband and our friend to see Quantic and Alice Russell play at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham. It is very rare that we go out, but we've found some friendly neighbours who are happy to swap babysitting duties, so off we went. It still feels very strange getting dressed up in my going out clothes! I wore a sparkly dark blue, vintage dress, my purple Dr Marten's Triumph boots with ribbon laces and my leggings. And lots of sparkly dark grey eyeshadow.

The gig was absolutely fantastic. Alice Russell literally has the soulful voice of an angel and close up, she sounds even better than on the CD. Quantic play Columbian music, so a violin, accordion, double bass, congas and a drumkit make up the band, which has a Latin, swingy, funky sound to it. The whole room was jam packed full of people dancing and I felt a bit like a boil in the bag chicken in my 60s polyester dress! But we danced our socks and wiggled our hips off until 12.45am.

Here is one of their latest singles

So we got home just after 1am, chatted to the babysitter, had a cup of tea, went to bed at 2am and then I just couldnt drop off becuase I was feeling so hyper. Then at 6.30am, my darling son woke up, so I got up and started playing Thomas the Tank with him. Then my daughter got up and asked if we could make a Princess Peach costume for a fancy dress parade at Camp Bestival (it's an Olympic theme this year, so we are all going to dress up as Mario characters). Actually I think I've done quite a good job, using a pink pillowcase, some bright pink sparkly fabric and lots of adrenaline...

I was full of beans at this point, but by 10.30 I was flagging, so my husband kindly made me breakfast, sent me to bed and took the children out for the day. 

Do you think I can sleep? Nope. Not even a powernap.

I was just the same when the children were babies. No matter how tired I was, how deranged with sleep deprivation, I just cant do daytime sleeping. Thank goodness I'm not hungover.

The house is quiet, so I've had a shower with some mega strong mint and teatree shower gel, am going to drink about 10 cups of tea now and am chilling out to Tim Minchin and his desert island discs whilst catching up on some lovely blogs.

Early bed for me tonight I think. Hope you had a great bank holiday weekend x 


  1. Sounds like you've done some lovely things this weekend. Try and get some rest tonight! x

  2. Thanks Jen. I'm just about recovered now. How do people go out every weekend, I just cant imagine!