Sunday, 13 January 2013

Getting things done!

I've been having a busy start to January, getting all those things done that I meant to get round to doing, but never quite found the time...

I am always in awe of bloggers who seem to write about 5 beautiful posts a week, knock up something crafty, go for a walk in the woods and cook something homemade with veggies made from their garden. You are amazing but I know that's not likely to happen any time soon around here...

However, I am very proud to say that I have painted my bedroom white and I'm now on the hunt for a pretty desk so I can have my very own work corner. Last year when I was studying, most of my papers and books were in shopping bags on the floor by my desk. Not great as the desk is in the kids' playroom!

I had thought about getting fitted wardrobes put into our room, but we had someone come around and measure up. Even after a half price offer plus 15% off plus first customer order offer etc etc, it still came to £3K. That is way over our budget right now, so I'm going to back back to ebay and buy some quirky, preloved furniture instead.

We decluttered our wardrobe and we only need one wardrobe between the two of us, which means I can use the other alcove for me...I am spending many happy hours looking at pretty images of workspaces.

I also had a groupon voucher for a 100 page photobook. The reason why I bought such a big one is that I havent had any photographs printed since my little one was born, almost three years ago. But I went through hundreds and hundreds of photos, had a lovely journey down memory lane and the job is done.

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