Monday, 11 June 2012

A tale of soggy bunting and other adventures.

Well, we are back from our camping trip to the Cotswolds. Epic fail. I had hoped to take loads of lovely pictures of my campervan decorated in jubilee bunting, but alas, it rained so much I didn't even get my DSLR out of its' protective bag.

We arrived on Saturday- bit of rain, not too bad.
Sunday- cloudy, bit more rain, still surviving. The kids entertained themselves with lots of bike riding, giggling and saying rude words on the walking talkies. Oh and my toddler did about 1000 circuits of the campsite on his scuttlebug, with me in hot pursuit.
Monday- we had a brief bit of respite and went to the famous South Cerney duck race down the river, where we sponsored a couple of yellow ducks to race against about 1500 others. It was good fun, but sadly we didn't win, think we were up against some pro ducks!

(photo courtesy of Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard)

Tuesday- torrential rain and a pathetic attempt at a jubilee BBQ
Wednesday- torrential rain, sense of humour starting to wear thin.
Thursday- torrential rain and gales forecast for the weekend! Very grumpy and feeling unwell...
Thursday night- hasty retreat down the M5, back to our warm beds, central heating and cups of tea. Phew.

Then on Friday night, my daughter started being sick everywhere (11 times as she told anyone who would listen),
on Saturday, my son started being sick too and on Sunday, I attempted to attack the enormous washing pile, whilst my husband mowed the lawns and attempted to dry out the tent.

And that was our half term and I feel exhausted!

Hope yours was a bit better than mine :)


  1. Oh no! That's such a shame. The joys of parenting eh? Hope you are all feeling much better soon. x

  2. Thanks Jen. I've just had to leave work to collect my sick boy from the childminders, so it looks as though it's not over yet...