Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday morning....aaah.

Unexpectedly, my husband and daughter have gone for an exciting day to Alton Towers, leaving me and my little man wondering what to do with our day at 8.30am this morning.

As sad as it sounds, I was quite tempted to go to the Gardener's World Live exhibition, as I was really keen to see their Living Wall exhibit. Have you seen this on the telly, it looks awesome! I love the idea of a whole vertical wall full of cascading plants.

Here are some examples of living walls, in case you've not seen one before...



Apparently they are planning to break up the walls once the show is over and donate them to local schools. I did email to put a word in for our school, as improving the school grounds is our project this year, but alas they had already been allocated. I'm hoping that next year they might remember us though...that would be so cool to have a load of amazing garden designers descend onto our little inner city primary school!

In the end, I decided to go for the slightly calmer option of taking my son to the park to feed the ducks and the baby goslings, a 1 mile game of chase the scuttlebug, head to the park to re-enact Fireman Sam about 20 times, using the slippery pole ,and then finished up at Granny's for tea and biscuits. Perfect!

If you have a little one under the age of 3, I totally recommend Scuttlebugs. They have been far and away my son's favourite toy. He uses it in the house, on the drive, in the park, when camping...he would sleep with it in his cot if I allowed him. I got mine second hand for a tenner, but I think you can buy them at Argos, Tesco, amazon etc.

I did take some sweet photos of my little boy today, but am still unsure about whether to include the children in the blog, partly because they are too little to understand, but also because of my job.

In other news, I am very excited to have bought a Habitat radius table, bench and chairs from ebay for a bargain price. I have wanted one of these sets ever since I moved into this house, but just couldnt afford it- even on ebay they have been going for silly money. Anyway, this one lived in a hairdressers and has had a few knocks and bruises. I dont mind that though, the kids will probably cover it in felt tips/ tomato sauce/ PVA glue/ glitter etc. I am hoping I can sand the top of it and then wondering if I should revarnish the whole thing? I am also going to need to dye the seat covers or upholster them, but I quite like the idea of that anyway.

The only problem is, as soon as I have bought the table, I started looking at some Ercol chairs to go with it. And co-ordinating ercol easy chairs for the lounge area. And some new artwork etc. I have to stop spending, I just cant afford it! I suppose that as I have waited for 5 years for the table, I cant wait a bit longer for the chairs. Ah well.


  1. Oh sounds like a lovely day for you and your boy. Very jealous of the Radius - I love them too! Can't wait to see the renovation project. x

  2. Thanks Jen. The table is being delivered after work, I'm excited and nervous at the same time!